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They’re laughing at us, down there. Gordon Brown doesn’t give a fuck either, of course he doesn’t. If he did he’d have given Scotland more powers when he was PM, his latest shite with this petition is nothing short of completely absurd. 

Sign a petition for more powers, even though just over a week ago by majority you voted No on the promise of more powers, because it might make us more inclined to give you the “extensive” new powers we already said were a done deal. 

The lot of them would be happy to remove every ounce of dignity from us if they could and they’ll certainly try. They got us where they wanted us and now they want us to plead with them. Scum. 

Gets better. That Petition isn’t even his idea, it’s the one that’s been going around since the 20th, he’s just now jumping on the bandwagon to try and save some credibility, of which he has none of. 

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How about a petition to give Gordon Brown a kicking then ship him off to a desert island.

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Oh, good, a story about the Doctor hating a companion’s love interest, that’s something we haven’t seen before.

Let’s talk tropes. You know, literary devices.
Harry Potter is just a kid who goes to magic boarding school. Nice one JK.
Like every Agatha Christie is a mystery. Wow, so original.
Percy Jackson is just the Greek Myths in the modern age. Rick Riordan should get his own ideas.
Supernatural is just a show about a family killing demons. Yawn, I think I saw that with Charmed.

So Clara and Danny Pink have been dating for a year, during which time she kept a fairly significant part of her life from him. How dare he be upset right?

Danny Pink was/is a soldier. The Doctor is MORALLY OPPOSED to war and soldiers. This was established in the early echelons of Who lore but for an example in new Who that isn’t Moffat (since you clearly have a bias against him) go have a look at the Doctor’s Daughter.

So, the Doctor not liking Danny Pink is much more nuanced than his dislike of Mickey, who he thought was an idiot and undeserving of Rose. That’s who I think you are referring to since Rory didn’t cop disapproval.

Imagine for one second that your best friend - who you believe shares a moral code with you - starts going out with someone who acts in a way that is completely different to that. How would you react?

My point is that you can distill any story into a trope and then mock the writer based on that. If you ignore the nuances and difference that is.

I am sad that I can no longer read reviews or go on the DW tumblr tag. All the moffat hate feels a lot more like bullying than legitimate criticism.

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why isn’t cassandra’s tagline #TapThatCass

you had and opportunity and missed it

Actually it was, for about 2 days. Then people started complaining that they felt it was to demeaning and sexist, and so they had a vote. #stromthecasstle won.
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It’s been a week.

And I have pretty much hidden myself away. I de-tracked a load of tags, I stopped checking the news, I just sort of gave up. But that’s not really helping anyone, and it’s not helping me. Can’t just keep running away from the bad news, got to get up and tackle it. I gained somewhere between 20 and 40 followers because of all my Indyref and Scottish Polotics blogging, so I can’t just give that up cold turkey style. There were so few people tackling Scottish Polotics on Tumblr to start with. To give up now would truly mean that the Unionist won. And they didn’t win, they just delayed the inevitable; achieved a momentary stay of execution.
I’ve had my emo mopping time, now got to dust myself off and get back at being angry. And there is so much to be angry about.

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It’s almost like he’ll say anything to win.

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Avengers vs. X-Men #12
pencil by Adam Kubert / ink by John Dell
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Labour a week ago: A Yes vote will put your NHS at risk, so vote No.

Labour now: The NHS is at risk, vote Labour.

They have also proposed to cut child benefits further and raise the pension age.

Lying bastards, not that we didn’t know it already.

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If you’re Scottish, and use tumblr, reblog if you’re one of the 45%


Let me know if you voted for change, for justice. I want us to keep it alive and encourage more people to join us.

The 45% can grow.

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what do you think about salmond being a sleeper? my mum has worked with the snp for years and a lot of her colleagues believed he was, he also went into a meeting with cameron and darling the day before the first debate? i don't want to believe it but.....
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I’ve never heard anything more ridiculous in all my life.

Salmond was a gradualist. He was all about the cause, and was fully aware that it might not happen in his live time, but that it would happen. And that was everything he ever worker for. Both my mother and now step-father knew him back in the day of young political firebrand Salmond. He was not, is not a sleeper. He’s also just a really nice guy.