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I know it’s meant to be the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and everything but having election or referendum days on a working day is just stupid.

Say, “Right we need to have this referendum in September, ‘cause of the anniversary right, but we also want as many…

So why is the vote in September then?

And people who have jobs and kids might not think that 7-10 on a work day is plenty of time.

It’s in September because it’s in September. it could of been October. It wasn’t. September was just the date chosen. Why are General Elections in May? Why does America Vote in Novembers?
Vote’s aren’t done over the summer because Governments tend not to sit then. So any results won’t be acted on for maybe months. 
Though I believe September was chosen because it gives a good time frame from now till the Scottish Elections in 2016 to negotiate Independence, should there be a Yes Vote. 

As for 7am-10pm. That’s the same for all votes. Would you prefer not to have democracy at all? Polling Booths have to open sometime, and they have to close at sometime too, just so the Votes can be counted.
I fail to see how 15 hours is not ample time to try and get to a polling station if you are wishing to vote. And if people are really that pressed in their day to day life, they can choose to have a postal vote, or Proxy.

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ok so i have a question about the whole scottish independence thing

if they do go independent, what happens to the scottish nationals living in england? like will they have to register?? get a visa?? go through immigration?? pay more for uni?? i mean they already live here but yeah. this is a dumb question but i don’t know and yeah

Nothing. They would still be British Citizens, as would everyone in Scotland. Britain is not a nation that forces people to have only one citizenship.
They could of course apply for their Scottish Passport and then choose to have Scottish as their Prime Nationality. But they can still hold a British Passport.   

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On the 18th September 2014, for the first time in history, we the people of Scotland will have complete power to decide our country’s future. 
Only by voting YES can we guarantee that this power remains forever in the hands of our children, grandchildren and generations to come. 

Vote Yes.

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Vote Yes 

Vote Yes 

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Apparently the Socialist party of Great Britain are telling people to write ‘neither yes nor no but world socialism’ on their ballot paper tomorrow. Not how it works, lads.

Yeah.. Could people not do that. 

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best crazy of the Campaign so far.

So I was out leafleting in Annan. Final night and all that, no point on holding on to the things, 
So I worked one side of the street, and as heading up the other when an Old lady (I know she’s a No, and a crazy one at that), comes out of her house to walk her dog. That’s fairly normal enough. 
As she crosses the road though heading towards me I hear her talking. 
Now I’m not sure if it was just talking to herself, to her dog, to me or just out loud but she says: 
"You won’t have any friends when you’re Old."
I’m like ‘Duh fua?’ but I’m not sure if she’s meaning me or just bemoaning herself being old, which again I can understand. I wouldn’t want to be old either. 
But then as she’s almost right in front of me she near shouts out:
"Fuck Scotland! Your NHS is crap!"
Her whole body was shaking with rage too. 
She really hated Scotland. 

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Well Tomorrows the day.

Tomorrow is the day. 
It is going to be a long long day. 
But what a day. 
To all those you campaigned for a Yes. Cheers, Thank you and Good Luck.

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Make your choice Scotland. 
And Make it count. 
Vote Yes.

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I know it’s meant to be the anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn and everything but having election or referendum days on a working day is just stupid.

Say, “Right we need to have this referendum in September, ‘cause of the anniversary right, but we also want as many people to be able to vote as well. ‘Cause loads of people who might want to vote won’t either because they can’t get the day off or have bairns and whatever to deal with or they just don’t want the hassle of it. So here’s what we’re gonna do - see the 15th of September? That’s a holiday, so we’ll have it on that day. Might not be as ceremonious but it means more people will come. And that’s what it’s about right? Right?… Guys?… Hello?… We could make the 18th a holiday? Aw now yoose are listening eh?”

The Anniversary of Bannockburn was in June. The 24th. 
It’s not in September. 
Also Elections, and all Votes in the UK are held on Thursdays. That’s just the day of elections. There is no real reason for it other than, it’s sort of just the day that Votes happen on. 
Polling stations are open from 7am to 10pm, that’s plenty of time for anyone who wants to Vote to find time to do so. 

Votes don’t happen on Holidays/Bank Holidays because people might not be where they’re registered to Vote. 

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Scotland, are you ready to roar?


So this is it, the final hurdle. Years from now people will talk about the final speeches (bit like mine just now) like they were rallying war cries. While this has felt like a war at some stages, it’s not. This is about democracy.

Who makes the best decisions for you? Your boss? Your parents? Your neighbour?

How about yourself?

Tomorrow we have this once in a lifetime chance to rule ourselves. To be independent. Every single stride in this campaign has led up to tomorrow and over the past year and a half Yes Scotland have pulled off a mammoth feat.

Specifically in the last few weeks you’ve heard nearly every scare story they’ve got. They actually ran out a while ago and recycled the supermarket and bank scare.

This isn’t anti-English, anti-Welsh or anti-Northern Irish. This is anti-Westminster and what better way to give them two giant middle fingers than a Yes vote. Cameron and his minions have tried their best, they bluffed on currency and the percentage of Yes continued to grow, they bluffed EU and Yes continued to grow, they bluffed on defence and yet Yes continued to grow.

The mustered up a pro-union rally. In London. All those rich millionaires and billionaires want Scotland to stay, how sweet of them. They organised an orange order march to MAINTAIN THE UNION.

We’ve had hundreds of public meetings, we’ve had dedicated volunteers going out every single weekend and people go above and beyond the call of duty. We’ve had people who are voting Yes who have never voted before in their lives. We have a generation of politically energised young people who are voting Yes for their future. We’ve had flashmobs, we’ve had stalls and over the past few weeks the number of exciting and diverse events for Yes has been outstanding.

Hell, we’ve had plays written about Yes. National collective have written songs about Yes, written books about Yes and directed films about Yes. A terminally ill woman climbed the walls of a castle with an oxygen tank for Yes.

There’s been so much more. I take pride in knowing I have been part of the side of the campaign that all the media were against and yet our support grew hugely.

Now for the last time I’ll ask. If anyone has any questions about the Scottish independence referendum then just ask me.

Be proud when you cross that Yes box. You will have voted for self-determination and you’ll still be talking about it during your own funeral.

Go out and win it tomorrow.

It’s an Aye For Scotland.