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A series of special train station signs are being put up around Scotland to mark the Commonwealth Games.

Passengers will be alighting at Cambus LangJump, Muscleburgh, Sprintburn, Ding-Ding!wall, Longerniddry, Falkirk Higher and Polevault.


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in a bit of a weird mood tonight…

Not sure why. Well I sort of know why, But I’m not sure how I got to the position where I got to be start feeling weird. 

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Pikabluguhbuhguh was the very first of my nine earnestly stupid Jokemon postcard prints. He evolved over a series of increasingly weird convention sketches. (Some of which were posted on this very tumblr! Hit the “pikachu” tag to see some of ‘em.)

You can oggle or purchase the full set of nine Jokemon prints here.

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Do I…

A. Go to bed, seeing as it’s pretty much 1am?
B. Watch Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 7?



Oh well who needs sleep anyway. 

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"I’m glad Capaldi has said there’ll be no flirting because I’m sick of Moffat making sexual jokes in the show and now he’ll be forced to write non-sexual jokes".

In Deep Breath Clara hits 12 in the dick with the sonic screwdriver.

Now that’s what I call a ‘Spoiler’!
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Scotland: Acceptance of the result can depend on turnout.


I don’t know if it’s that well known on here anymore because I regularly curb my post count but I graduated from Glasgow Uni with a degree in Politics and Economic & Social History. I definitely became jaded with it by the time I was done. I done my dissertation on satire and its aim at political figures and institutions. The funny thing is when I look at the independence debate, I see a lot of things that could easily be satirised. 

When I bring up this fact, I regularly get asked my views on it. I’m always hesitant to give them because a lot of people then seem to believe that I have an informed view. I don’t. I have a view that is becoming ever more informed every day, just like your own should be. My only input without overstating my own personal views have been to remind everyone that the vote is about Scotland empowering itself or not. It’s not about politicians, parties or nationalistic ideals. Those may be components of each side of the debate but they are not the heart of the issue. The heart of the issue is whether or not YOU want Scotland to be an independent state in control of its own affairs. 

This only happens if you actually vote. 

As a student of politics, I obviously care about which way the vote goes but I care more about people exercising their vote. The franchise has been extended to include those 16 or 17 year olds and we should be doing everything we can to be encouraging people to vote. I personally believe this vote should be mandatory. It’s that important. 

I have no sympathy for those that don’t participate and don’t exercise their vote. Your complaints down the line aren’t conducive to bringing around change, whereas your vote can. That isn’t me trying to get people to vote Yes because there is going to be change whichever way the vote goes and it is naive to not believe so.

My personal feelings on this have changed often. I was a resident ‘no’ while at university. I think that’s because while studying the United Kingdom’s present, recent past and legacy, I felt that there was a lot to still be hopeful of. In 2010, I voted for the Liberal Democrats. It didn’t matter because my constituency is the Labour party’s safest seat in the UK. It’s what happened after that definitely brought me round to the change and convince me that I would be more represented in an independent Scotland. 

As much as the SNP aren’t my favourite party, they have made more attempts than any of the representative parties in Westminster to return to the foundations and principles of a Welfare State. Those are the principles that we can be proud of. The Welfare State is being categorically dismantled. The young are being betrayed by parties promising them the world and then trading that for a chance at power. There are many many disillusioned sections of society in the UK with everything that’s going on. Across the board, this is a broken country.

A broken country with a Better Together campaign who seem to believe ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’. Well it is broken and the British parties don’t want to fix it. They want voted in and we can’t stop that. We can’t provide a voting block. I look at Scotland and I feel happier with what’s going on here. 

I’ve never particularly recognised as nationalist. I recognise as Scotland but never felt the nationalistic pride thing as much as some of my friends do. I think that this move will give me something more to be proud of. This country is making right steps in Parliament. It’s time to make strides for the good of ourselves.

After the referendum, if you vote No (and it succeeds) and then complain about the government that occupies Westminster then you have no right to. Prior to the vote, you could have towed that line but if No is successful then you have to bare responsibility for a government that occupies a Parliament that doesn’t have Scotland in its best interest.

In 2014, I truly believe that we as Scottish people, should be voting in our own governments, controlling our own affairs. As a student of politics, I believe we are jumping two steps in regards to independence and I feel that there would be a lot more confidence in a Yes vote if we had experienced our own politicians handling economic issues for Scotland. However, I prefer the option that means we take it in to our own hands than allow it to be handled as it is presently. This is an opportunity for change and as much as you will be advised that it is not, it is a positive change. 

My personal view is Yes but please just vote. Turnout is the most important factor and then the result. 

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Doctor Who - Teaser Trailer: “Listen!” 

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I feel like treking up to Hadrian’s wall and serenading Scotland.

I should point out, Hadrian’s wall is in England. 

I’m a loud singer

Still over 20 miles, no one is that loud. And if you are, the people of Carlisle won’t take to kindly to you making them all deaf.