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A Bismuth Geode. Looks like a cyborgenetic egg


A Bismuth Geode. Looks like a cyborgenetic egg

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Cassandra Pentaghast in Blood Dragon Armour. 

Because why not. 
I’d love for the Blood Dragon Armour to be in the game, and for Cass to be able to wear it. I think it’d just suit her perfectly

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How fucking stupid do you have to be.

Just Quick.

Danny Pink and Journey Blue are NOT brother and sister. 

1. They have different last names
Though the names are related in a smart sort of way. 
Pink is a colour normally associated with women, and is the name of the man.
Blue is a colour normally associated with men, and is the name of the Woman.
Take that gender normative attitudes.

2. They’re from different time periods.
One Far off in the future, the other present day. 
And yes you can be an ex-soldier in the present day. There has been a couple of wars of late. 

3. And just how fucking racist is it to suddenly assume that any two people that are non-white and vaguely a similar shade of brown must be related?

I mean come the fuck on. 

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the bromance between the Doctor and Rusty the Dalek was so beautiful

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Give me the future with a modern girl.

Final, the Meat Loaf CD has made its way into the car. Final after so long, I feel like a proper driver.

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Is that a yes campaigner with an England shirt on? #indyref

why not? There are many English people who support Independence or Scotland.

Please don’t include me in your wannabe controversial bullshit. It was nothing more than an observation than what I saw as an amusing situation.

nothing controversial about it. Just a statement of fact.
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Is that a yes campaigner with an England shirt on? #indyref

why not? There are many English people who support Independence or Scotland.
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Clair Ridge and Scotland’s new oil boom


Scotland’s massive sea area contains at least £1 trillion of energy wealth

It’s facts not fear that will win the referendum debate. This is especially important when discussing the future of Scotland’s offshore revenue.

Scotland has a strong and diverse economy with many strengths, and the energy sector is an important part of this.

However, across the past four decades governments in Westminster have played down or even hidden the evidence of great wealth in Scotland’s sea bed. Evidence has gradually emerged to this effect, especially online.

- Professor Sir Donald MacKay accused the UK Government of ignoring “a mountain of black gold”.

- Westminster took an absurd position on North Sea oil

- An independent Scotland will benefit from better exploration techniques

- 10 key facts on Scotland’s oil and independence

- Bank of Scotland: 39,000 jobs to be created in oil and gas sector

- Scotland on the verge of new North Sea oil boom

These reports within the last year sit alongside the cover-up of the McCrone report, the admission by former Chancellor Denis Healey that offshore revenues were hidden from Scotland, and reports last week from Investors Chronicle that Westminster was once again underplaying the value of oil in the run-up to the referendum.

This has focused attention on the future of the sector, especially in light of David Cameron’s strangely under-publicised visit to Shetland.

The Clair Ridge Field

Off the West coast of Shetland is the Clair Ridge field. It contains an estimated 8 billion barrels of oil, with an estimated 120,000 barrels per day production at peak levels. To put this in perspective – the total stage two investment of £4.5 billion is the equivalent of nine Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. The value of the field is almost £300 billion.

This is a single, yet highly significant field. In the 1970s, when it was identified, it was outwith the reach of drilling companies. With advances in technology deeper drilling is now possible, which will boost tax income for an independent Scotland. Other fields off to the West of Shetland and the Atlantic are predicted to overtake North Sea production in future decades.

New oil fields exceed expectations

There has been speculation that the Clair Ridge field “far exceeds expectations”. This would make Clair Ridge – which is already forecast to continue until 2050 – proof that offshore revenue will give Scotland extra revenue far into the 21st century. Already Hurricane Energy have reported that the Lancaster field has ‘well exceeded expectations‘.

Alongside this boost to the case for independence, it’s important to note that Scotland is a wealthy country without oil. In providing at least a £1 trillion asset, the sector does provide a massive financial bonus for an independent country.


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This has been my whole past month. 
And finally it’s getting out to houses. 

Grass roots campaigning at it’s finest. Local people, using their own words to say why they’re Voting Yes. 

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300 billion pounds sterling is the assessed worth of new oilfield that the UK Government have hushed up


My mate is back from the rigs and confirmed that his friends on the Clair Oil Field (supposedly the biggest reservoir of oil in the world) were stood down and sent home on full pay until the end of September.

The results of the prospecting showed that the field was three times bigger than expected and that the oil is premium grade. Execs were flying in from all over the world and Mr. Cameron sneaked up to meet them. Immediately after the is, they were stood down.

This could be the single biggest and most devious act of treachery Westminster has committed in Scotland. This simply cannot happen. We must tell everyone. Sadly, many Scots are complicit in deceiving the Scottish people and directing them into a future of bondage, servitude and humiliation. We have the chance to stop them and MUST. This is Scotland’s birth right and it’s our children’s future they are stealing.

Also heard the same from my brother who works the rigs up there too.